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Domaine Garde

The story about a meeting

This is a story about the meeting of two men, brought together by an exceptional terroir and a shared passion for wine. The two men decided …

A terroir to discover

When David Garde first saw the village of Theizé clinging to the side of a hill nestled among vines, he was immediately struck by…

Our exceptional wines


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Oenophiles in talk


“I love everything about the Domaine Garde: the wine, the people, the packaging…”

Catherine Condamin

“Pleasant to drink at any time, this is a great wine for relaxation and conviviality. Everyone appreciates the wine’s quality, that’s why it brings people together. I enjoy drinking this wine from our Château Baccarat wineglasses.”

Messrs. Reynon & Son

“This is a great white Burgundy, that’s why we sell it. An estate with a bright future, certainly.”

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