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The Wines

Nature provides... we produce

Deliberately artisanal in nature, Domaine Garde is proud to practise reasoned vine growing to guarantee both the good health of the plants and a wine with an exceptional flavour. The wine-making process is based on native yeast. Grape harvesting is done by hand, as are all the other operations: pruning, bending, debudding, tying.

Cuvée Morguières

Cuvée Morguières, a product of the parcel with the most clay-like soil, has the characteristics of an excellent fresh, tight and crisp wine: a particularly flowery nose, fruity in the mouth with a slight hint of minerals, while remaining light and easy to drink. It is an authentic Burgundy-Chardonnay that offers instant pleasure on the palate.

Cuvée La Garenne

To preserve the delicate nature of the grapes grown on the Garenne parcel, where the soil features more limestone, Burgundy oak barrels were necessary. Since 2014 we have opted for cask ageing to give this wine even more identity. When élevage takes place in these conditions, the wine develops a different type of roundness and mellower flavours. It becomes fatter, affirming its character, with a magnificent long finish, giving the wine its particular elegance.

Cuvée Les 3 Pierres

100 % cabernet franc varietal, planted in 2015.
Coming soon.

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