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Domaine Garde

Sharing the culture of winemaking

This is a story about the meeting of two men, brought together by an exceptional terroir and a shared passion for wine. The two men decided to create their own winery: Domaine Garde. To perpetuate the spirit of tradition, with traditional values of friendship and excellence, in short, to share the wine culture: that is the philosophy behind their business.

David Garde

An astute entrepreneur whose success has nothing to do with luck, David Garde was born in 1972. This colourful Lyon native, an experienced gourmet, a fan of great crus, was never one to be satisfied with “that’s good enough”. As the owner and spokesman for the estate, he uses his business background to distribute the winery’s products, for the benefit of all.

Frédéric Bonnepart

Frédéric Bonnepart, grape vine specialist, holder of BEPA and BTA qualifications in viticulture and oenology, was born in 1974. He has spent his whole life in Theizé, in the heart of the vines, where for the last 20 years he has managed the Domaine des Pérelles. His outstanding technical skill and intimate knowledge of the terroir bring to the Domaine Garde the high standards and commitment required for creating unique white wines.

The quest for perfection

« It is not about making wine. What we are looking for with Frédéric is wine, a wine that each year will reflect the best of the terroir, of the grapes, and the sun. Our motivation is to create the perfect blend, the ideal élevage, to produce bottles that will not be forgotten. To leave a memorable footprint of our time on earth... »

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