Reviews from professionals and wine lovers:

christophe marguin

“Quality is the key word, quality of the product, of course, with a wine that is very easy to drink and has finely crafted flavours, but also quality in the presentation: an attractive label and a sense of detail that is very telling of David’s involvement in the business. By the bottle or the glass, feedback is always positive. An estate with high potential.”

Christophe Marguin – Chef
Restaurant Christophe Marguin

mathieu viannay

“This is a well-designed wine, the fruit of a new adventure, a story to be told. But first and foremost it’s a “village” wine, a true thirst quencher to drink with friends and appropriate for any situation. It also offers excellent value for money.”

Mathieu Viannay – 2-star Chef
La mère Brazier

federic cote

“A magnificent white Burgundy. David is someone who likes the good things in life. His wine reflects his personality. This is the work of an epicurean who will go far.”

Frédéric Cote – Chef
Le Colombier

eric giraud

“To me, this is the perfect wine, an excellent white burgundy that is the ideal accompaniment to seafood. It also offers terrific value for money. A fine product, highly appreciated by our customers.”

Eric Giraud – Chef
Chez Anthonin, les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

federic berthod

“Young easy to drink, not complicated… this is a wine for drinking with friends and that perfectly reflects David’s personality. Not a wine to be aged but a wine to put on the menu now, very accessible and highly appreciated despite a very competitive market. We also offer it by the glass and our customers always come back for more.”

Frédéric Berthod – Chef
Brasserie 33 cités Lyon

philippe bernachon

“A very pleasant wine, easy to taste, with fine aromatic notes. Feedback is always positive, and given our demanding clientèle, that is the highest compliment we could give the Garde estate.”

Philippe Bernachon – Chocolatier and caterer
Maison Bernachon Traiteur

jerome gauthier

“The fruit of hard work in the early stages, a wine with great potential, created by a passionate winemaker with contagious energy. A fine, high-quality product with a bright future: a true gem for wine merchants like me.”

Jerôme Gauthier – Wine merchant
Cave l’Escale des vins

gilles demange

“In the words of Michel Chapoutier, ‘Once you have had one glass of a good wine, you want to drink a few more.’ David’s white wine is like that, a good, lively wine, perfect for sharing with friends, combining quality and lightness, drinkable with no restraints (but always in moderation!). Perfect, for example, to serve at the pâté en croûte world championships, which I am organising, where authenticity and simplicity are the order of the day.”

Gilles Demange – Epicurean and expert oenophile

Christian Lherm

“A perfectly structured wine with a good backbone, nicely balanced. Good minerality, not too powerful, no heaviness, just very pleasant indeed.”

Christian Lherm – Chef
Les 3 Dômes, Sofitel Lyon

M Reynon

“This is a great white Burgundy, that’s why we sell it. An estate with a bright future, certainly.”

Messrs. Reynon & Son – Caterers
Reynon Lyon

Catherine Condamin

“Pleasant to drink at any time, this is a great wine for relaxation and conviviality. Everyone appreciates the wine’s quality, that’s why it brings people together. I enjoy drinking this wine from our Château Baccarat wineglasses.”

Catherine Condamin – Epicurean specialising
in decorative tableware
Baccarat boutique – Lyon


“I love everything about the Domaine Garde: the wine, the people, the packaging…”

Steff – Restaurateur