The terroir

Theizé, or the Good Life

When David Garde first saw the village of Theizé clinging to the side of a hill nestled among vines, he was immediately struck by the beauty of the old yellow-stone buildings that blended perfectly with the surrounding countryside. “I felt that I belonged here, I had finally come home”. He is still surprised at the thought, even today.

An exceptional terroir

Historically part of Greater Burgundy, Theizé is one of the 42 communes in the Beaujolais region that can use the Burgundy appellation. The composition of the soil, which is mostly clay-limestone, is in fact similar to that of the great Burgundy appellations. Yellow stone stores and distributes heat, offering additional balance to the vines all year long.

The king's choice

While the vines in the commune are mostly Gamay and Pinaut grapes used for red wines, the Domaine Garde is dedicated to white wine, with a varietal that is perfectly suited to the nature of the soil: Chardonnay. Chardonnay grapes have a noble heritage and make it possible to produce nuances in flavour and aromatic palettes: the very purpose of the Burgundy white wines from the estate.


The estate manages two exceptional parcels of 1 ha each: les Morguières and la Garenne, with south and south-east exposures resulting in different juices for producing the 2 cuvées. These parcels, which had been abandoned up until 2009, were initially planted with Gamay and have been completely restructured, trellised, replanted, etc. This is a terroir that has always been dedicated to grapes, as confirmed by the presence of an antique winegrower’s shed known as a “cadole”.

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